Monday, 8 October 2012

You deserve the best!

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Hello my name is Gordon Dawe and I am a christian inspirational writer for I truly hope that this blog blesses you.

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God loves you so much and it is my hearts desire that you come to know this very fact. It doesn't matter where you came from or who you are, God loves you!

It is my dream to inspire as many people as possible through my articles. I pray with faith before I write each article that it will touch hearts and minds. And I know that if you soak in their words you will be changed. God sees your heart and he knows every heart ache, every need and every thought.

I know there have been people that have hurt you, maybe on purpose maybe not on purpose and believe me, God feels your pain, he really does. Jesus died on a cross so that you could be free! The Bible says "what man would lay down his life for his friends?". I doubt very much that we will find friends like that in this life, that would actually lay down their lives for us like Jesus did. You see God loves us all equally and he desires for every human being to come back to him. It will be the start of the most exciting journey of your life and the life to come! That's the key! It is an eternal journey! No person on earth can make that offer, but God can!

Let forgiveness set you free from the past. No longer do you have to feel the pain of bitterness, or resentment. God can help you let these things go, they can be so burdensome upon your soul. The Bible says that "Jesus's yoke is light" that means that he can give you a merry heart that is not burdened down with worry, fear or hurt. Are You Happy? Article.God bless you my friend!